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I Would Never Have Believed It . . .

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I stumbled onto a gold mine.  No, something much better than gold, actually.  It is something that has completely changed my life, for the better.   I will tell you about it, but first, watch this video about a dear little girl named Charlotte, to better understand.


As you may or may not know, I have epilepsy and have had it since the age of nine.  Over the years I have been on multiple medications, tried multiple diets, seen a natropath doctor, tried essential oils. . .  In other words, we’ve tried almost everything but with little to no success.  That is until now.  For years now I have been suffering with seizures on a daily basis, most of them small.  The Saturday night before Easter Sunday I was taken to the emergency room to get stitches over my left eye, because I had suffered a major seizure, fallen, and gashed my head just above my eye.  It was then that we knew something had to change.

About two weeks ago, my husband happened to see a large sign which read, “Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Epilepsy”  He stopped in the store and inquired about it.  That evening, he came home with a bottle of the oil and asked me to try it.

After the first week of being on the oil I was still having seizures but I noticed a huge difference – they were very small, much smaller than before.  Soon they had stopped altogether.  It has been a whole week since my last seizure!  This is a huge difference from the daily seizures I had been having.

I believe that when God created this world He provided mankind with everything needed to maintain good health.  We just have to discover it !

Of course, there are those who may never get well no matter what they try, and it is of no fault of their own.  For them, they are the truly blessed ones.  They are leading lives of suffering and can unite that suffering with Christ on the cross.  Suffering is a mysterious gift from God above.  Just think – He allows us to unite our sufferings with the sufferings of Christ!  God is so good.

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FAQ about Epilepsy

Atypically Correct

In my last post, I talked about how E was recently diagnosed with Autism. I have received outpourings of support. It seems everywhere I turn, somebody knows someone, or has a relative, or has a child with ASD. The current statistics released from the CDC in 2014 are 1 in 68 have an ASD. For boys, the statistic is 1 in 42. So it is actually quite common. This explains why so many people I know have been touched by someone who has Autism. These statistics started me thinking about something else that effects a member of my family. Epilepsy. 1 in 26 people are diagnosed with Epilepsy. **1 in 26**. That is half the number of people diagnosed with Autism. Why then, is my sister the only person I know that has epilepsy?
I decided to talk to my sister about it. Her thoughts were that perhaps people are…

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