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For Moms Everywhere -Mom Memes – Happy Mother’s Day!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.   A day in which we pay honor to moms everywhere.  And so, in order to bring a smile to moms and future moms alike, I thought I’d post a few “Mom memes”  :




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Dear Mom

I love my Mom, and love being Mom!




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So Proud of My Boy!

Social media. It’s everywhere; facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, (not to mention, this blog) . . . You get the point.  In addition to all of this, video games, smartphones, iphones, etc. continue to gain popularity, not only with kids and  teens, but young (and old) adults as well. We are almost completely immersed in technology.


That is why I am so proud of my son. You see, my son doesn’t have an iphone, or a smart phone, or any phone for that matter.  He doesn’t have a laptop or computer of his own.  He’s way too active for any of that!



As active as he is, it’s amazing to me how much he LOVES books!


I only wish I had a picture of him with his books now –
  Not much different, though!

Now at 15, if he isn’t outside fishing, or with his reptiles(yeah, he has those things!), or constructing his backyard hut (yet again), or working on his self – built tree-house,  he can be found absorbing information, as he becomes immersed in what he refers to as, his own google. It is an amazing invention, really. It’s almost as informative as you-tube, only without the previews and the “You can skip this ad in 5 seconds” or the “Video will begin after ad” wait.  He can find information on almost any subject matter and it’s right at his fingertips.

It promotes productiveness and ingenuity, and it is kept nicely on a shelf in his room, yet is portable enough for him to take along with him if needed. If you haven’t guessed it by now, what I am referring to is none other than a set of encyclopedias. Yep. Remember those things ? Our set is Collier’s Encyclopedias. My son uses them often, and I believe that his years of homeschooling have a lot to do with his love for reading and learning.  These books are filled with information from Aerodynamics to Zoology, and so much in between! And not only is the information there, but HE READS IT WILLINGLY!  If my boy has a question about something, those encyclopedias are often the first thing he turns to.

We are now at the point where he is often the one teaching me!


You see, my days as a home-school mom have come to an end.

Are you kidding
You’ve GOT to be kidding me!

Clarification here:   I have not quit on homeschooling!

I will always consider myself to be a home-school mom.  My son was home-schooled from the age of four till the age of fourteen.  I had always intended to home-school all the way through high school, but sometimes things don’t go as planned.  Between my own health issues and certain, well, let’s just say behavioral issues from my teen that I was unable to deal with on a 24 /7 basis, the decision to discontinue home schooling came about.  Out of love for everyone concerned, this decision was made by my husband.

I was devastated!


I felt as though I had failed as a teacher and as a mother.  I tried to look back on where I went wrong.  I was very depressed and began to spend my alone time (which was more alone time than I had ever had before) by doing absolutely nothing.  I felt useless and unneeded.  I had devoted almost my whole adult life to being a home-school mom and now I didn’t know what to do with myself.  For those who cannot relate, think of it this way –  I felt as if I had been fired from a lifelong career.

At first.

But soon I realized that it was for the best, and I am grateful to my husband for making what must have been an incredibly difficult decision, based on reason and love.

My son and I have actually grown closer since he began attending an e-learning center three days a week, for half a day.  That’s right, I told you I didn’t give up on home-schooling, just changed it’s form!

So, my son still spends plenty of time at home, which is how he has the time to spend on his outdoor interests and on reading his encyclopedias.

In some ways, homeschooling will never really be over, for home is where he learns.   It’s where his questions are answered, whether by me or by an encyclopedia, he continues to learn.  Home is not just “where you hang your hat”.  Home is where we are.  It is where we becomes us.  Does that make any sense ?  If not, this will –

Home is where Love is formed, where it is grown, and where it blooms.

I thank God for the time I spent with my son homeschooling him.  It was homeschooling that brought about his love for reading and learning in the first place.  As the title states,


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Humpty Dumpty, the Three Bears, and Why it’s Best to Listen to Your Mom

Below is a little story I wrote just for fun.  I tried to blend a mixture of characters from different classic nursery rhymes/stories,  featuring Humpty Dumpty.   I just felt like having a little fun.  Hope you enjoy it!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall (after his mother told him over twenty times to stay off of it) and had a great fall (which caused his mother to say, “Humpty! I TOLD you to stay away from that wall!” ) All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty back together again. So then Mama Dumpty stepped in with bandages, some Arnica and salve, and showed them all how it’s done. When Humpty was better, he thanked his mother and promised to listen to her from now on. They decided to celebrate with a trip to the city to meet the Emperor, however, when they got there Humpty pointed out that obviously the Emperor hadn’t listened to his mother either, because he wasn’t wearing any clothes! Like a good mother, Mrs. Dumpty shielded her son’s eyes as they quickly headed back to the car.

They had decided to go to the country and visit Little Boy Blue, but when they got there they couldn’t find him anywhere. They saw the cows in the meadow and the sheep in the corn, but Little Boy Blue was nowhere to be found. They called and called. Soon Humpty found him behind a haystack – sleeping on the job. “So, I guess you didn’t listen to your mother, either.” Humpty said, as he showed him his bandages and scars from his great fall. Little Boy Blue quickly got up and grabbed his horn. Soon he noticed that one of his sheep were missing. It was the black one, of course. So Humpty and his mother helped Little Boy Blue find his sheep. “Baa, baa Black Sheep!” They called. They soon found him, but he was bare! He hadn’t been lost at all, but rather, he was being sheared. “Have you ANY wool ?” Humpty asked him, surprised to be seeing a bare sheep. The sheep then pointed to the three bags beside him, all filled with wool. He gave one bag to Little Boy Blue, for he was the little boy who lived down the lane. After a nice visit, Mrs. Dumpty told Humpty that is was time to say good-bye.

They then took a drive to visit their friends, the three bears. There they had a wonderful time. Baby Bear excitedly showed Humpty his room, showing off his new Spiderman bedspread. They played with legos and Hot Wheels for hours. Papa Bear invited them to stay for supper, even though all they had was porridge. The Dumpty’s gratefully accepted, and Mrs. Dumpty offered to help Mama Bear in the kitchen so she that would be able to enjoy some warm porridge for a change. After dinner, Humpty and Baby Bear whispered to each other as they came up ways to ask their Mom’s to let Humpty spend the night. Of course, both Mama Bear and Mrs. Humpty were aware of their little plan. Soon, they began to put their plan into action. Baby Bear went first. “Mama, Humpty wants to know if he can sleep over.” he said to Mama Bear, who was now looking through her pantry to find something for dessert. At the same time, Humpty was telling his mother that it was Baby Bear who wanted him to spend the night. The moms looked at each other with that all-knowing smile that only moms share. So, it was agreed that Humpty could stay the night with Baby Bear. Humpty kissed his mother good-bye and promised to listen to Mama Bear and Papa Bear. After the boys had their bath, Baby Bear let Humpty borrow his Iron Man pajamas, which didn’t really fit Baby Bear, anyway. Baby Bear wore his Spiderman pajamas, which matched his bedspread.

Papa Bear set up the Wii and the boys played Wii until it was time to go to bed. As they were picking up, Baby Bear told Humpty about the time a little girl had snuck into their home and broke his chair and was found in his bed. Humpty looked startled and asked him if there was any chance of that happening again. “Oh, no.” Baby Bear reassured him. “That was at our old house – but it is the same bed.” Humpty felt relieved to know this. It was kind of weird to know that a strange girl had slept in that very same bed. The next morning Mrs. Dumpty came to pick up Humpty and thanked the three Bears for their hospitality. On the way home, Mrs. Dumpty told Humpty that she was proud of him for listening yesterday, and that that is the only reason she allowed him to stay over at Baby Bear’s house.  Humpty spoke up, “Then can we invite Baby Bear to spend the night at the castle one day ?”  Mrs. Dumpty sighed and responded, “We’ll see.”

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Smile Tag!

Hi, all!

Ciarra from Ciarralorren created this fabulous new tag called SMILE, and I think it’s a great idea!    This is exactly what I hope my blog is to others, a place to make you smile and bring a little joy into your lives.  As Ciarra puts it,

WE are the ones who determine whether or not this is a place of comfort, happiness and joy. So, let’s make it a place we all want to be a part of.”

Here’s how it works:


If you’re nominated, please share a bit about this tag (you can copy and paste this description here, or link back to Ciarra’s post). Post as many pictures as you like that either make you smile OR show you smiling!  Feel free to include stories or comments that better describe your SMILE photos. Tag as many other bloggers as you like, and please participate! Help make our online world a little brighter.

So, here are the photos that always bring a smile to my face:

So, in case you couldn’t tell, what always brings a smile to my face is none other than…MY SON!

So now it’s your turn.  What makes you smile ?

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Since no one that I have nominated has participated, I will nominate someone else.  The new nominees are…

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Bows, Arrows, & Mom

“No, no. no.  You’re holding it wrong.  You have to put your fingers like this, well here, let me show you how.”  Those were the words of my fourteen year old son as he tried to show me how to shoot a bow & arrow that he had made himself.  He had done a pretty good job on it, and he was proud of his handiwork , as well he should have been.  So what was I doing with it ?  Why was I trying to shoot a bow & arrow at a paper target in our backyard ?  Was that something I really felt like doing at the time ?  Well, yes and no.  Lately I had been a bit depressed, as you may have been able to tell by my last post.  I had been feeling like my son no longer needed me or wanted me around.  I was so used to the days when he was little and would constantly ask me to play with him or read to him, or simply spend time with him.  I was beginning to accept that now that he is older, he doesn’t need or want me around anymore.  That is, until today.  My son came, full of excitement, running into the room where I was sitting.  “Mama!  Mama!” He began, almost out of breath,  “let’s have a contest shooting this bow and arrow that I made! Please! Say yes, Mama, c’mon!”  Shocked at the fact that my fourteen year old actually wanted me to take part in an activity with him, I jumped at the chance.  “Sure. Okay.” I said calmly.  “You will ?? Aw, thanks, Mom!  I’ll let you have my brownie if you win!”  He added, still not sure that I was really going to try this.  So there we were.  Bonding.  It’s something that I could have only dreamed of; a close moment with my teen.  I may not have had much interest in learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, but my interest was(and is) in my son.  I decided to enter into his world for a bit; to take a look at life through his eyes.  I learned something in that moment.  I learned that my son still needs me, that he still wants me by his side, just in a different way than before.  I learned something else, too.  Shooting a bow and arrow isn’t as easy as it looks!  So, as I listened to the words of my son instructing me on the proper way to hold the bow, I couldn’t help but tear up a little.  My baby was still here.  He has not gone away, but simply grown a bit.  And now, I need him by my side; to help, to guide, to teach me, just as I had done with him in the past.  It isn’t one way or the other.  We each need each other and always will.  Oh, and he shared his brownie with me anyway!


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Mama, Will You ?

Mama, will you play with me ?

Mama will you lay with me ?

Mama, I just want you by my side…


I have a toy I want to show

to you, so that you can know,

Just how cool this gizmo is to me…


So, Mama, will you play with me?

Mama will you lay with me ?

Mama, I just want you by my side…


Will you read to me this story book ?

Can I please just have a look ?

Mama, what are we going to do today ?


Mama, will you play with me ?

Mama will you lay with me ?

Mama, I just want you by my side…


Can we sing that silly song ?

Promise I won’t get it wrong,

Let’s just have some fun now, you and me…


The years have flown, I’m bigger now.

I don’t need you to show me how.

Mama, will you please just leave my room ?


Mama, I can do it now

Mama, I’m big. I know how,

Mama, I don’t want you by my side…


It’s all a part of growing up

Doesn’t mean that I don’t love,

Mama, I’m now big enough

to do things on my own…