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The Day AFTER Mother’s Day

Well, today I will begin by sharing  with you what Mother’s Day 2017 was like for me.  First of all, I had been feeling really down the past few days.  I was dwelling over the fact that my teen son, my only child, now seems to hate me.  (I know it’s just a phase, but at that moment it seemed final)  I was also dwelling over the fact that our mother – son relationship had been very strained lately.  To top it off, I am now of an age where I will never be able to conceive a child of my own.  (we adopted my son 14 years ago)  And finally, I am still continuing to have seizures on a daily basis.  I felt that I was under so much weight, and that I was pretty much useless.  Yep.  I was depressed, and I had it pretty bad,  That is until…  A lot of things began to happen that Mother’s Day.  One by one I began to see.  Once I dried up the tears and put my focus on those around me, on the beautiful family that God has blessed me with, I began to see just how much I really have.  I love my family and would never want anything to happen to them,  I am so grateful for the time that the good Lord has given me with them.  Around three o’clock in the afternoon, my husband had a very caring, loving talk with me.  It was obvious that I wasn’t happy, and he helped me to see how there is no reason for me not to be happy.  I am blessed.  So blessed.  I had allowed myself to focus on the negative rather than on all of the positive aspects in my life.  And there are so many more positive than negative.  After receiving such an uplifting talk, and a big hug, from my husband,  I felt much better, and realized how silly I had been to allow myself to be “down in the dumps”.  I walked out into the kitchen only to discover a dozen red roses, a bag of candy, and two cards on the table.  Standing beside the table was my husband and son, both with big smiles on their faces.  “Open mine first!”  The words of my son, who also gave me a big hug.  That evening my husband took us all out to eat at Outback Steakhouse.  I realized, yet again, how blessed I am to be a part of such a wonderful family.  I hope all mothers out there had a very Happy Mother’s Day.  This video should put a smile on any mother’s face!

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His Own Dictionary!

Hi, Everyone!

For today, I thought I’d share with you an idea that I had when my son was younger.  He had been having some difficulty with putting things in “ABC” order, so instead of the usual dictionary work, I decided to let him have a little fun with it by having him create his own dictionary using his list words.  Rather than explain, I think I’ll let the pictures tell the story.


He had fun decorating the cover and finding (or drawing) pictures to go with the definition.  And he actually looked them up!!  For anyone who has boys that dislike dictionary work, you know how huge of a thing that is!
As much fun as he had doing this project, he had an even better time showing it to Daddy!

I hope this gives someone out there an idea, and if not, it was still a fun post to write! 🙂

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Smile Tag!

Hi, all!

Ciarra from Ciarralorren created this fabulous new tag called SMILE, and I think it’s a great idea!    This is exactly what I hope my blog is to others, a place to make you smile and bring a little joy into your lives.  As Ciarra puts it,

WE are the ones who determine whether or not this is a place of comfort, happiness and joy. So, let’s make it a place we all want to be a part of.”

Here’s how it works:


If you’re nominated, please share a bit about this tag (you can copy and paste this description here, or link back to Ciarra’s post). Post as many pictures as you like that either make you smile OR show you smiling!  Feel free to include stories or comments that better describe your SMILE photos. Tag as many other bloggers as you like, and please participate! Help make our online world a little brighter.

So, here are the photos that always bring a smile to my face:

So, in case you couldn’t tell, what always brings a smile to my face is none other than…MY SON!

So now it’s your turn.  What makes you smile ?

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Since no one that I have nominated has participated, I will nominate someone else.  The new nominees are…

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Bows, Arrows, & Mom

“No, no. no.  You’re holding it wrong.  You have to put your fingers like this, well here, let me show you how.”  Those were the words of my fourteen year old son as he tried to show me how to shoot a bow & arrow that he had made himself.  He had done a pretty good job on it, and he was proud of his handiwork , as well he should have been.  So what was I doing with it ?  Why was I trying to shoot a bow & arrow at a paper target in our backyard ?  Was that something I really felt like doing at the time ?  Well, yes and no.  Lately I had been a bit depressed, as you may have been able to tell by my last post.  I had been feeling like my son no longer needed me or wanted me around.  I was so used to the days when he was little and would constantly ask me to play with him or read to him, or simply spend time with him.  I was beginning to accept that now that he is older, he doesn’t need or want me around anymore.  That is, until today.  My son came, full of excitement, running into the room where I was sitting.  “Mama!  Mama!” He began, almost out of breath,  “let’s have a contest shooting this bow and arrow that I made! Please! Say yes, Mama, c’mon!”  Shocked at the fact that my fourteen year old actually wanted me to take part in an activity with him, I jumped at the chance.  “Sure. Okay.” I said calmly.  “You will ?? Aw, thanks, Mom!  I’ll let you have my brownie if you win!”  He added, still not sure that I was really going to try this.  So there we were.  Bonding.  It’s something that I could have only dreamed of; a close moment with my teen.  I may not have had much interest in learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, but my interest was(and is) in my son.  I decided to enter into his world for a bit; to take a look at life through his eyes.  I learned something in that moment.  I learned that my son still needs me, that he still wants me by his side, just in a different way than before.  I learned something else, too.  Shooting a bow and arrow isn’t as easy as it looks!  So, as I listened to the words of my son instructing me on the proper way to hold the bow, I couldn’t help but tear up a little.  My baby was still here.  He has not gone away, but simply grown a bit.  And now, I need him by my side; to help, to guide, to teach me, just as I had done with him in the past.  It isn’t one way or the other.  We each need each other and always will.  Oh, and he shared his brownie with me anyway!


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When Life Gives You Lemons…


A few years ago, I had a friend over for tea, and she accidentally caused my white, ceramic teapot to become cracked along the bottom.  I was fine with the whole thing, but she felt really bad about it.  Rather than throw it out, I decided to transform it.  Seeing as there was already a crack in the bottom, I thought it would serve as a perfect planter.   So, gathering together some paints, along with a child’s sponge – stencil kit that I had on hand, I set to work.  All but the ladybugs were done freehand (as you could probably tell).  For the ladybugs I used the sponge – stencil that I mentioned earlier.   I had a blast doing it, and surprised my friend with it as a “no hard feelings” gift.  I think she still has it!

Oh, I have since purchased another white ceramic teapot.  🙂

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Ladies Don’t Eat Babies!

My son was about three years old, and we were at JCPenny’s when he noticed a very pregnant lady. Now keep in mind, whatever thoughts my boy has, out they come! So anyway, using about as much tact as any three year old would, he asked the expectant mother, “Why are you so fat ?” (perfectly innocent question,right?)

Luckily the very kind lady was used to children, and very happily said, while patting her stomach, “No, sweetheart, there’s a baby in there.” My son let this sink in as he sat there in thought and then, in a loud and horrified voice he said, ” You mean you ate the baby?!”  After the laughter had died down, I explained to him  that God had put the baby there. (The rest would come much later, that seemed to suffice for now.) By the time he was four, the questions began.  “So Mama, why doesn’t God put a baby in your tummy?” I explained to him that all of the medicine that Mommy takes would hurt the baby, and that’s why we had adopted him.  Let it be said here that my son had only recently found out about his own adoption – we had had that talk with him a few months prior.  Okay, so our little guy really knew his stuff now. He knew that ladies don’t eat their babies. He knew that God “puts” the baby there, and he knew that he had been adopted. After mulling these things over for a while, my son, who by now was desperate for a playmate, spoke up, “Mama, why don’t we adopt another baby?”  How could he have known that we had been trying to since he was still an infant ?  “Well,” I answered, “We are, but it won’t be easy, and it may take a long time to find the baby.”   I spoke as gently as I could, keeping in mind that I was speaking to a four year old. Suddenly his face beamed bright as he explained to me.  “Oh no Mama, I see plenty of them at Walmart!!!!!!  Maybe we could get one of them!  I could see that yet another talk was in order, as I explained to him that all of those children already had parents. Okay, now my little man really knew his stuff. Ladies don’t eat babies, and you don’t buy them at Walmart either. Well fast forward a bit to my sister’s baby shower. My son and my husband had just come to pick me up.  When he saw my sister he said proudly, “I know, God put a baby in your tummy!”  Half laughing, my sister said,”Um, yea ! That’s right!” Proudly showing off all of his knowledge on the subject, he continued, “And the baby is growing inside you,right?” “That’s right.” my sister said, still chuckling a little. Oh but our boy genius was not quite finished. “And so, you will just keep getting bigger and bigger until your tummy explodes, and that’s why you will have to go to the hospital!”  Whoa!!! Yet another talk seemed to be in order, but that one would have to wait until much later.

Well, that was about ten years ago.  It’s “later” !