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When Life Gives You Lemons…


A few years ago, I had a friend over for tea, and she accidentally caused my white, ceramic teapot to become cracked along the bottom.  I was fine with the whole thing, but she felt really bad about it.  Rather than throw it out, I decided to transform it.  Seeing as there was already a crack in the bottom, I thought it would serve as a perfect planter.   So, gathering together some paints, along with a child’s sponge – stencil kit that I had on hand, I set to work.  All but the ladybugs were done freehand (as you could probably tell).  For the ladybugs I used the sponge – stencil that I mentioned earlier.   I had a blast doing it, and surprised my friend with it as a “no hard feelings” gift.  I think she still has it!

Oh, I have since purchased another white ceramic teapot.  🙂

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Prayer; We all Struggle

Prayer is something that comes easily for most Christians.  Or is it ?  Don’t many of us struggle with prayer ?  Don’t we sometimes have trouble keeping a good balance of prayer and work throughout our daily lives ?  I’m sure I’m not alone in this.  If even some of the greatest saints admit to having had trouble with prayer, then we shouldn’t be ashamed to admit it when it happens to us.  This doesn’t mean that we should be proud of it or anything, but not ashamed of it either.  So what do we do ?  What do we do when our lives seem so hectic that it seems difficult to “fit in” prayer time ?  Well, I’m no theologian, but I am a wife and mother who lives with her own set of struggles, and sometimes finds it hard to pray.  How I’ve learned to handle it is simple. (not easy, simple)  I try to pray in the morning when I first wake up, however since that is not always possible, I have incorporated prayer into my daily work.  I find that washing the dishes is an excellent time to pray.  For a utensil that needs scrubbing, a short prayer of praise or thanksgiving is suitable.  Something like “Dearest Jesus, I love You.  Please help me to love You more.”  or “Thank You, Lord.  Please give me strength.”  Even a simple, “Help me, Jesus.” works just fine.  When tackling a very greasy pan, an Our Father or longer prayer is great.  The larger and dirtier the dish, the longer the prayer.  I admit, I don’t always remember to do this, yet the times that I do are much more peaceful.  Of course, this method can be incorporated into any chore.  While doing the laundry, sweeping the floor, vacuuming… You get the point.  Oh, here is another way I try to incorporate prayer into my day.  Whatever I am doing for my family, I tell myself that I am doing it for Christ.  For example, this is what I like to do when fixing the bed.  I try to imagine that I am fixing the bed for the Christ Child.  As I’m tucking and smoothing the sheets/blankets, I say to myself, “This is for Baby Jesus.”  Once again, I don’t always remember to do this, but when I do, I feel happy inside.  And when Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!  Okay, so I threw in that last part to add a little humor to this post! But really, go ahead and give it a try sometime.  It really does create an overall sense of peace.

I’m sure HE prayed while he worked!