Easy Thanksgiving Day Crafts

These Thanksgiving ideas from Kelly’s diy are so cute , I just had to reblog !


Thanksgiving Day is coming upon us. Lots of family gatherings, sharing thoughts of why we are thankful. I put together some crafts that I found that look so yummy! As I say that, I’m am thinking of all you wonderful cooks out there getting your ideas and recipes ready.

So here are some ideas….hope you enjoy…


Isn’t that so cute…and yummy! Here is another…This would be a great gift for a child to make for the bus driver, crossing guard, etc…


and speaking about kids….wouldn’t this be a fun project for mom to work on with their child…


Wouldn’t it be fun for each member of your family to make a cut out of their hands….you could make so many wonderful crafts with your hand prints…I’m thinking wreath..but here is a cute one..


Those are so cute with feathers….and easy for kids to do! What if everyone wrote on a…

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Cross – Stitch Your Photos ?

Hello everyone!  I realize that it has been a while since my last post.  Today  I  want to share with you a site that a friend told me about, a cross – stitching  site.    The  link   is    I  am  so  impressed  with  it that I decided to  share  it with my readers.  The unique thing about the site is that you can upload  a  photo and have  it  made  into  aDVC00049  cross – stitch pattern.    I’m  very excited about this because I am currently in the process  of  making  a cross-stitch of the picture on the left.  This  is  a  picture  of  my father holding my now 15 year old son.  My plan is to give it to my Mom for mother’s day.  I am hoping to make it into a pillow to be placed on the sofa, in memory of my Father.  If anyone is interested  in  transforming  a  photo  into  a  wall  hanging, a pillow, or a simple cross – stitched image, then I encourage you to try it out. I have found that using 18ct aida gives the best results.

Once again, the site is     The best part, it is completely free!  Have fun cross – stitching, and good luck!  Please feel free to post your chosen photo – I’d love to see what you decide to create!