The year was 2014.  It was April and had been a very rough year right from the start, the worst being that my father had just passed away.  April 15, 2014 at exactly 4:15pm, I watched helplessly as my father slipped away from this earthly existence.   I remember holding onto his hand, desperately wishing that there was something I could do to ease his pain.  As I sat there beside him, along with my mother and four siblings, I silently prayed, “Dear God, if it be possible, please let me take on some of his pain.  Later that same night, I was awakened by the most intense pain I had ever experienced.  My head.  I couldn’t even budge it without excruciating pain.  I lay there letting out a soft whimpering sound, as I dared not move my head.  I had had migraines before, but nothing like this.  The pain lasted for days. My husband took me to our regular physician, but nothing helped. After eight days and no improvement, he took me to see a naturopath doctor in Alabama.   His name was Dr. Reed Sainsbury.  We had seen him before several times, and by now he was also a good friend.  Once in his office he gave me some drops to take.  On the bottle was simply the word, “Headache”.  He told me to take 8 – 10 drops every hour.  I was taking them the whole ride home.  (the drive was several hours)  Before reaching home, my headache went from a ten to a two.  No joke.  The pain dropped rapidly.  By the time I reached home, the headache was completely gone!  After more than a week of intense pain, it was finally gone!  I was able to move without pain for the first time in days!!  By now it was Holy Saturday.  It wasn’t until Easter Sunday that I realized that God had answered my prayer!  He allowed me to suffer with my father, and by Easter Sunday, He had relieved me of that pain.  That Monday was my father’s funeral.   I’ve used these drops for my headaches ever since, and they always help.


Those drops can be purchased from

and they are called “Headache”    I hope this information can help someone else who also suffers from headaches.


3 thoughts on “Headaches!

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for your concern! It’s been quite a while since I’ve done any blogging, as I have not been well lately, however, things are slowly getting back on track! 🙂



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