July Fourth Freebies!

Every July Fourth (Independence Day) our family celebrates by having a big family gathering at our house with lots of fun and food.  We usually pick up Popeyes chicken and sides for the lunch, and I always make my famous “Flag cake”.  This year we will be having some games as well, with prizes of course.   You know, the classic,  “Guess how many    M & M’s in a jar (or whatever candy I decide to use)  The winner of that one wins the jar of candy.   I am also planning on having a door prize.  I haven’t yet purchased the prize for that one.  I plan to simply have everyone write their names on the provided Flag cards which I’ve made, (link for that below) and then will have them put them in a bowl for a drawing.  I just love doing stuff like that!  I love to give and to bring happiness to others.  The best part of all is that no one has any idea that these things will take place!

The above video brings home the real reason why we celebrate on this day.  Games, fun, and prizes are all okay, as long as we remember why we are celebrating in the first place.  I will be showing this video at the party so that everyone there will remember why they have gathered together on that day .    People have given their lives so that we may be free.  How awesome is that!  I hope you all have a wonderful July Fourth, however you choose to spend it!

Now for the link to those flag cards:

July Fourth namecard

Printable Fourth of July party invitation:

Fourth of July Invitation

And to conclude, a printable word search puzzle :

Independence Day


Happy Independence Day!  Keep that Flag flying high, America!



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