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When Life Gives You Lemons…


A few years ago, I had a friend over for tea, and she accidentally caused my white, ceramic teapot to become cracked along the bottom.  I was fine with the whole thing, but she felt really bad about it.  Rather than throw it out, I decided to transform it.  Seeing as there was already a crack in the bottom, I thought it would serve as a perfect planter.   So, gathering together some paints, along with a child’s sponge – stencil kit that I had on hand, I set to work.  All but the ladybugs were done freehand (as you could probably tell).  For the ladybugs I used the sponge – stencil that I mentioned earlier.   I had a blast doing it, and surprised my friend with it as a “no hard feelings” gift.  I think she still has it!

Oh, I have since purchased another white ceramic teapot.  🙂



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