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Happy Easter ?

YES!  Happy Easter to everyone out there, for Easter has only just begun!!  For those of you who think that Easter is ONLY on Easter Sunday, think again!  Easter Sunday is only the beginning of the Easter season.  While lent may last 40 days, Easter last 50 days!  That’s right, fifty.  The first Sunday after Easter Sunday, which is also known as Divine Mercy Sunday, marks the octave of Easter that is, the eight days from Easter Sunday to Divine Mercy Sunday.  But even that is just the beginning of a seven week long celebration, the seven weeks of Easter!  Officially, Easter begins on Easter Sunday, and continues until Pentecost Sunday, seven full weeks later.  Consider it a week of weeks!

However, in order to give us one more week in order to fulfill our Easter Duty, the Catholic Church has extended  the Easter Season one more week, up until Trinity Sunday, which is the Sunday following Pentecost Sunday.  That final week, however, is not counted in the regular season.

So remember to continue wishing everyone you meet a very, Happy Easter, all fifty days throughout the Easter Season.  Also, if you haven’t already done so, please take a look at the Easter Homily of St. John Chrysostom here

Happy Easter – All 50 Days!



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