What is a Friend ?

This post was written in fun on what I think a true friend is. I hope you enjoy it!

What is a friend ?  Is a friend simply a person who has something in common with you ?  Is a friend someone who simply “wears the mask” of friendship, but in reality doesn’t care about you ? Does a friend tell you nice things to your face, but then speaks unkindly about you behind your back ? Is that a friend ? I don’t think so.

To me, a friend is someone who cares about you and wants the best for you.

It is someone who would give of themselves if it meant that it would be of some help to you.

A friend will call you on the phone just to say hi.

A friend will send you an e-mail or text just to see how you’re doing.

A friend will tell you if those shoes don’t go with that dress – in a kind way, and will help you pick out an outfit that matches!

A friend will let you know that you have a piece of food stuck on your teeth, and will stand in front of you while you discretely try to remove it.

A friend will tell you that you missed a button on your blouse!

A friend will try to beat you in skee-ball and then laugh at herself as she misses!

A friend is fun!

A friend will comfort you.

A friend is someone who would drop everything to come and help you when you are in trouble; someone who would give to you their time and companionship when you are lonely.

A friend is someone who laughs at the same jokes you laugh at and cries at the same trials.

A friend will point out your flaws, in a kind way, and offer advice on how to change them. A friend is a buddy!

A friend will press the “Like” button on your blog, even if they don’t like what you wrote!   🙂



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