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Ladies Don’t Eat Babies!

My son was about three years old, and we were at JCPenny’s when he noticed a very pregnant lady. Now keep in mind, whatever thoughts my boy has, out they come! So anyway, using about as much tact as any three year old would, he asked the expectant mother, “Why are you so fat ?” (perfectly innocent question,right?)

Luckily the very kind lady was used to children, and very happily said, while patting her stomach, “No, sweetheart, there’s a baby in there.” My son let this sink in as he sat there in thought and then, in a loud and horrified voice he said, ” You mean you ate the baby?!”  After the laughter had died down, I explained to him  that God had put the baby there. (The rest would come much later, that seemed to suffice for now.) By the time he was four, the questions began.  “So Mama, why doesn’t God put a baby in your tummy?” I explained to him that all of the medicine that Mommy takes would hurt the baby, and that’s why we had adopted him.  Let it be said here that my son had only recently found out about his own adoption – we had had that talk with him a few months prior.  Okay, so our little guy really knew his stuff now. He knew that ladies don’t eat their babies. He knew that God “puts” the baby there, and he knew that he had been adopted. After mulling these things over for a while, my son, who by now was desperate for a playmate, spoke up, “Mama, why don’t we adopt another baby?”  How could he have known that we had been trying to since he was still an infant ?  “Well,” I answered, “We are, but it won’t be easy, and it may take a long time to find the baby.”   I spoke as gently as I could, keeping in mind that I was speaking to a four year old. Suddenly his face beamed bright as he explained to me.  “Oh no Mama, I see plenty of them at Walmart!!!!!!  Maybe we could get one of them!  I could see that yet another talk was in order, as I explained to him that all of those children already had parents. Okay, now my little man really knew his stuff. Ladies don’t eat babies, and you don’t buy them at Walmart either. Well fast forward a bit to my sister’s baby shower. My son and my husband had just come to pick me up.  When he saw my sister he said proudly, “I know, God put a baby in your tummy!”  Half laughing, my sister said,”Um, yea ! That’s right!” Proudly showing off all of his knowledge on the subject, he continued, “And the baby is growing inside you,right?” “That’s right.” my sister said, still chuckling a little. Oh but our boy genius was not quite finished. “And so, you will just keep getting bigger and bigger until your tummy explodes, and that’s why you will have to go to the hospital!”  Whoa!!! Yet another talk seemed to be in order, but that one would have to wait until much later.

Well, that was about ten years ago.  It’s “later” !



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