When the Teacher Learns

I’ve been a home-schooling mom for about ten years now.  For some that makes me a veteran home-schooler, to others, I’m still a rookie.  Whatever the case, I have learned an awful lot over the years, and am still learning.  In the beginning, I learned that teaching is much more than assigning worksheets and grading papers.  I learned that each child has their own individual learning style, and that my son was a hands-on learner.   I learned the weaknesses and strengths of my son, and have implemented a variety of teaching methods over the years.  I learned, also, that some days, kids may not want to learn, or rather, they don’t want to be taught.  It was on days like these that I put my imagination to the test!  I had to think of ways to make learning fun.  I’m referring to a “hands-on, let me do it, when can we do this again?” kind of fun!  And that is just what I did!  In kindergarten, it was pretty easy.  I mean, hey, it was kindergarten!  When we began first grade, my son wanted a second round of kindergarten!  That’s when learning to read was turned into a game and learning to spell required a tray of salt.  Yes, over the years this home-school mom has learned a lot.  I’d like to share with you, through pictures, just what kind of “fun” we’ve had over the years.       I will begin with some of the ways this “hands-on” boy of mine learned about different countries in third grade Social Studies:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have come a long way since third grade, but I have always tried to make learning as much fun as possible for my son.   Unfortunately, the older he became, the more difficult his studies became, and having “fun” while learning became something that seemed to be almost impossible.  However, we have recently managed to make learning fun once again, even in eighth grade, thanks to  http://www.elearningk12.com    It is all online, student led, and covers all subjects.  Finally, my teenager is having fun while learning once again.  I, too, am still learning.



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